Kothay Tip!!!

Did you know your participation in Posts can get you points? Create, Like, and Comment to increase your points!!! Also, get a chance to win exciting prizes by participating in the kothay competition. Click here for more! Register or Sign in now to enjoy!!!

Terms and conditions of the competition:

Rules & Regulations of the competition

  1. All the participants have to register at kothay.com
  2. The participants have to earn the highest competition points at kothay.com.
  3. The participants have to earn the points in each category for winning category prizes.
  4. The first prize of this competition is a GALAXY SIII (1 unit) , 2nd prize is a Digital Camera (1 unit), 3rd price is an iPod shuffle (1 unit) and category prize will be Citycell ZoomUltra connection (5 units).
  5. The highest point gainer will win the 1st prize, a GALAXY SIII. To achieve the highest point a participant has to perform the following all together,
    • Write/post 1(one blog with image): adds 5 points
    • Put/Add 1 correct location in the map: adds 3 points
    • Like anything on Kothay (Post to facebook): adds 1 points to the poster and 2 points to the person who posted the item
    • Comment on anything on Kothay (Post to facebook): adds 1 points to the poster and 2 points to the person who posted the item
    • Post 1 Tuition advertisement: adds 10 points
    • Post 1 Property sale advertisement: adds 30 points
    • Post 1 Product sale advertisement: adds 20 points
    • Post 1 Resale advertisement: adds 20 points
    • Post 1 Rental advertisement: adds 20 points

    The highest cumulative competition points achiever from all the categories mentioned above will win the 1st prize, 2nd prize or the 3rd prize accordingly.
  6. The categorical prizes will be 5 units of Citycell ZoomUltra connections in each of the 5 categories below.
    • Tuition advertisement: Citycell ZoomUltra
    • Property sale advertisement: Citycell ZoomUltra
    • Product sale advertisement: Citycell ZoomUltra
    • Resale advertisement: Citycell ZoomUltra
    • Rental advertisement: Citycell ZoomUltra

  1. The name of the competition is “LOCATE.POST.SHARE to win @ www.kothay.com”
  2. The competition is open to all Bangladeshi citizens having National Identity Card/Valid passport.
  3. The duration of this competition will be from 3rd August (Friday) to 31st August (Friday).
  4. Winners of the competition will be announced on 7th September (Friday), one week after the competition ends.
  5. The winners name will be announced at kothay.com and kothay facebook page.
  6. Kothay.com reserves the right to modify, rectify, edit, revise or delete the complete competition or part of the competition at any time at its own discretion.
  7. Kothays.com’s decision will be final on choosing the winners of the competition.
  8. Any unethical means in acquiring an advantage in the competition will lead to disqualification
  9. Employees and Family Members of the Kothay Team will not be able to participate in the competition.

Help and Tips:
  1. You can achieve more points by posting great posts on Kothay which can become popular easily, because people will like more and comment on it.
  2. The more you share and bring more people to like your posts, the more you gain points.
  3. The other route is like posting on the costlier posts which requires kothay points to earn and spend in big chunks, that is postings on Ads. This will earn you competition points in large numbers.
  4. Do not confuse with the Kothay Points and the Kothay Competition Points, because the Kothay Points are the basic process of Kothay to earn and spend points.
  5. If you are in shortage of Kothay Points then you can also purchase points via bKash (01823073569) or Refill Cards for participating in the Ad Posting.
  6. This competition is going to be really interesting and if you guys really participate well, then you may have a bit more of a surprise!